KOLLAGEN BODY LOTION - TILBOÐ!  Seinna kremið með 50% afslætti.

KOLLAGEN BODY LOTION - TILBOÐ! Seinna kremið með 50% afslætti.

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BODY LOTION sem vinnur gegn ýmsum húðvandamálum og gerir húðina samhliða stinnari og fallegri.
Nýja BODY LOTIONIР inniheldur einstök sérvalin 26 náttúruleg innhaldsefni sem vinna gegn ýmsum húðvandamálum og gera húðina stinnari og fallegri. Þetta er meira en bara body lotion því uppskriftin tekur mið af gömlum pólskum uppskriftum af náttúrulegum húðlækningasmyrslum sem hafa verið notuð í aldaraðir. Efnin eru nærandi, rakagefandi og endurnýjandi og hafa reynst árangursrík fyrir ýmis konar vandamálahúð, mikinn húðþurrk, háræðaslit, unglingabólur, ofnæmishúð og pirring og kláða í húðinni.


HERBACEUM is a herbal body lotion enriched with decoctions, infusions and plant hydrolates derived from the best herbal medicine traditions. In the process of developing his recipe, effective solutions derived from the experience of past generations were used, when herbs and plants were used for various skin ailments.

HERBACEUM is a return to the roots - it is a unique composition of Polish natural collagen, plant oils and macerates as well as herb extracts and decoctions - known and used in herbal medicine for hundreds of years. Decoctions and extracts used in its recipe were created in Poland, on our special order - with great attention to every detail, from breaking the plant to its maceration. Then they were selected and selected with particular care in terms of synergy of their operation.

Thanks to this, 26 plant extracts were found in one balm - a real spectrum of active substances of natural origin: nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating.

It is the richness of the HERBACEUM recipe that makes this product a versatile product.

Aloe extract soothes irritations, evening primrose oil and sweet almond soothes and regenerates, calendula and wild rose extract ensures proper skin hydration. Horse chestnut and arnica strengthen blood vessels by eliminating edema, while Asian Pennywort extract improves tension and elasticity. Plant cells stimulate skin renewal processes, contributing to skin regeneration. By stimulating fibroblasts, they strengthen collagen and elastin fibers, thus supporting the skin in the fight against aging, photoaging and oxidative stress.

HERBACEUM is effective in skin care with problems such as excessive dryness, dilated capillaries, "spider veins", acne, atopic skin, sensitive, irritated, lacking elasticity and vitality. This universal balm is perfect for everyday use, because its light texture is very well absorbed, deeply moisturizing dry skin. Already after the first application, real relief is felt, because even dry skin becomes moisturized and smooth. The balm is extremely pleasant to apply, it is quickly absorbed, soothing and enveloping the body with a delicate fragrance of nature.