LunaCol (60 stk). Bætiefni sem hjálpar til við svefninn.

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LunaCol er nýtt hágæða bætiefni sem hjálpar þér að sofna og sofa betur alla nóttina.  

Á ensku:

LunaCol is the most important product that was created under the COLWAY brand. Pioneering - setting new, global trends in supplementation.

It is the first generally available preparation in Europe containing lunasin - a protein that is unique in nature, which caused a great sensation and hopes for humanity for a breakthrough in many fields of science and for the development of new solutions beneficial for maintaining health, youth and beauty. Lunasin affects vitality from the DNA level - by regulating the activity (expression) of genes. For this reason, it is called epigenetic food.

Research confirms that epigenetic factors have a huge impact on the functioning of the body. Lunasin, as one of the epigenetic factors, has an extremely broad spectrum of activity, including: it activates immune forces, regulates the cell life cycle, and has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. These are just a few examples of the amazing biopotential potential of this protein.

 Since lunasin does not undergo enzymatic digestion during its journey through the digestive tract, it reaches the cells without losing its natural bioactivity.

We are what we eat - said Hippocrates.

We are what we absorb - we say today in COLWAY, aware of the complexity of metabolic processes and sure that with each LunaCol capsule, the body receives a dose of the best quality epigenetic food.

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